Each person is unique and has her or his own way of living, thinking, feeling & restoring well-being. With deep appreciation for that, I help people discover their own unique healthy lifestyle and help them heal emotionally, mentally and spiritually so they discover their own unique strengths which make them happy and enjoy life to the fullest!

The therapies and workshops: Raw and Nutritional Consultations, Systematic Kinesiology, Food Sensitivity Testing, Body work therapies, Vibrational Sound and Toning, Emotional Therapies, Light Grids Healing and the Loving Consciousness Process;  Raw and Vibrant Nutrition Workshops, Easy Spiritual Tools for Successful Living, Awaken Your Truth: You Joy and Your Voice Workshops.

Please refer to the Therapies above to learn more about each individual approach.

I offer private and group sessions through Skype and in person in Ireland and New Zealand.

June-July 2015: courses and Private Consultations in Dublin, Ireland.

Most of the therapies I offer are suitable for infants and children. I also harmonise places (homes, land and offices).

Wishing you Radiance, Love and Joy in your every thought and step,

Kamilla Harra.