Kinesiology, Nutrition, Psychology, Energy and Sound Healing as an all-rounded approach to happiness and wellbeing.

Whenever we experience dis-ease or disharmony in our mind, body or life  – something within our system is out of alignment. I facilitate Conscious Wholeness: a process of returning as deeply as is appropriate for a particular individual to a state of harmony between the mental-emotional-energetic-spiritual parts of one’s being.

I specialise in facilitating people’s conscious recognition of their Higher Self is an integral part of themselves: this stage of awareness is necessary for becoming truly powerful and creating the life one wishes to (as opposed to going with the familial/societal patterns of what one can and cannot achieve). This process is also essential for rising above self-doubt, insecurities, anxiety & worrying about what others think.

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With Love & Kindness,
Kamilla Harra


Sessions over the Internet: globally.

Sessions in person in Ireland: Dublin, Greystones and Naas.

Kamilla Harra explains foods sensitivity testing through kinesiology in "How Healthy Are You?" on TV3.

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