Kamilla Harra has been helping others as an Intuitive Guide, Healer, Teacher and Soul Coach, Conscious Wholeness originator and a channel for almost 20 years.
She is also a fully qualified PSYCH-K® faciliatator, Kinesiologist, and uses Sound healing, Nutrition and natural remedies alongside her energy and higher Psychology work to help people raise to a new level of wholeness and happiness in their lives.

Every one of us can restore our innate state of Joy & Wellbeing – no matter what has happened before or what is going on now.
I am delighted and honoured to share healing, teachings and tools to awaken people’s True Potential & positively transform their lives.

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Private and Group Sessions over the Internet: Globally.

Sessions in person in Ireland: Naas (Naas Holistic Centre), Co. Kildare, and Bundoran, Co. Donegal.

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