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Kinesiology, Nutrition, Psychology, Spirituality and Energy Healing as an all-rounded approach to health and personal happiness.

Welcome! :) …to the healing of the mind, body, spirit and your emotions, so you get to experience greater levels of happiness, fulfilment and wellbeing within yourself.

Whenever we experience dis-ease and dis-harmony in our mind, body or life  – something within our system is out of alignment.

I facilitate re-connection, realignment and wholeness within people: the complex Human Being Systems that we are. When all parts of you are ‘on-board’ with being whole, coherent and harmonious – your brain, your heart, your gut (100-million neuron ‘Second Brain’), your subconscious, your superconscious (soul), your creative and self-expression centres – energetically, mentally, consciously, emotionally and physically – all exude Health, Joy and Power – making up one coherent You  – which means you get to be free to be healthy and to be powerful in your life.

Depending on your unique situation and needs, 4 levels of restoring inner sense of power and health are used:
~ mentally: to balance an overactive mind, negative thinking, limiting beliefs, self-worth, defeating thoughts & fears – so you are whole-brained and whole-bodied. I use PSYCH-K, my background in Psychology & other tools to transform subconscious beliefs to create the mindset that helps you live the life you truly want;

~ emotionally: traumas, abuse, anxiety, self-love, confidence, grief, fears, phobias, addictions, worry or anger.

~ physically:
nutritionally testing for the foods you may be needing or are sensitive to, structurally balancing for past physical accidents, surgeries and working with postural alignment; releasing cellular traumas;
~ spiritually: realignment working at various levels of your energy system – realigning your awareness with Your Superconscious (Spirit), grounding, healing with the Light of Consciousness to bring about healing on all levels, plus a unique rebalancing for all energy centres at the two main levels of Earthly polarity: so you have wholeness and coherence between your two hemispheres, your masculine and feminine, your creative and contemplative nature and your Spirit and body – most of these processes lead to rapid self-empowerment and a clear physical experience of yourself as a spiritual or conscious being that is in harmony with your body and your environment.

A lot of the healing that happens in sessions is given to you in a form of tools – which can be used on a daily basis to help you be whole and powerful in your life. 


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With Love,
Kamilla Harra


Sessions over the Internet: globally.

Sessions in person in Ireland: Dublin, Greystones and Naas.


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Kamilla Harra explains foods sensitivity testing through kinesiology in "How Healthy Are You?" on TV3.

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