Your Magnificent Life

Happy Body, Emotions & Mind

Welcome to Your Magnificent Life! :)

Would you like to start living your ideal Healthy and Happy Life?
Are you feeling physically unwell or emotionally drained, or may be having challenging times at home or in your professional life?
I use  Kinesiology, PSYCH-K®, Coaching and Sound Therapy to help you resolve your life challenges, transform your physical & emotional pains and live the life you love, a Magnificent Life! :)

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With Love,
Kamilla Harra


Sessions over Internet: globally.

Sessions in person in Ireland: Dublin, Bray and Naas.

Summer 2016: Berlin, Germany – Private Sessions and Workshops.

December: Private Sessions and Workshops in Lisbon, Portugal and Coimbra, Portugal.


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Kamilla Harra explains foods sensitivity testing through kinesiology in "How Healthy Are You?" on TV3.

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