Live in Love and Joy Today! :)

What if for the rest of this week, month, year you allowed yourself and your body to Love yourself and ENJOY life? :) What if you checked just once a day on how you feel inside, sence it in your chest, around your heart and feel if you’re living from a place of Joy and Fun or from a place of need and fear? If you notice you are doing the latter – remind yourself that you can CHOOSE how to feel and nobody else has any true power over it!
Try it now: Imagine somebody you love very, very much: your child, your life partner or your dear pet and sense the feeling that is now glowing in your heart when you focus on the object of your unconditional love! :) After a few moments of sensing this feeling, imagine you are now radiating it outward towards your beloved person/animal. After a few moments of this…. turn it back onto you!!! :))) Sense the glorious feeling of warmth and love that is now flooding your body! :) Allow yourself to bask and glow in it and accept it fully!

Maintain this for as long as you like and come back to this feeling as frequently as you can at least once a day! You deserve it! You are it, You are meant to live in it! :) Only by accepting ourselves FULLY as lovable, worthy and magnificent, can we overflow with Love and truly start to give to others. This way we are not seeking others to be “the key to Love” that opens our heart, and once these others do not act as “very good keys”, our flow of Love subsides and we get angry at them. Instead, when you overflow with Love to Yourself, you do not need others to make you feel good, you come from a place of Joy and Love, so the others in your life are gifted with Love and you can freely receive the full Loving of their beings too! :))

One thought on “Live in Love and Joy Today! :)

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    I have been planning to write about Kamilla and her beautiful work but I haven’t managed yet. It’s not really because I am lacking of time, but actually not knowing how to fully express my feelings about Kamilla so that you can understand “what I mean”. Today I started my morning by reading the post below from her website “” and I thought it would be a good way to start. Therefore, read this text (and others from her blog) and you will have a glimpse of how amazing and beautiful my friend is :) also, Kamilla works intensively to help others feeling their best (in a holistic point of view) and you would be really surprised of how effective and amazing she can be if you tried one of her therapies. I, myself, already had that experience and it is so hard to describe it that I have been postponing this post for some time now…

    Would you be interested in learning about my experience with Kamilla? Let me know in the comment section below :)))

    Meanwhile, visit “” and truly let yourself dive into “Kamilla’s ways”. I trust her more than I can tell, so if you are in need of help, I can promise you she will do her best to help you :)

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