8 Steps to the Mind That Creates Your Perfect Life.

Positive Thinking can be a hard thing to achieve, especially if you had setbacks and a lot of sadness or anger in your life or you were born into a “negative thinking family”.

So, here is how to start overcoming your conditioning, so you create the thoughts, feelings and experiences you like in your life.

Our mind accesses the unconscious potential of whatever we wish to be by focusing on particular types of thoughts.

In a way it is like a key that opens a particular door, depending on the password.When you consistently keep the same door open – in pours the life you are living.

The Solution seems simple: if you don’t like your reality – shift and keep your attention on what you do desire, so you open a different portal and start allowing a different life to flow in!

Now, here is the challenging bit:

Your Rational mind is only aware of the 5% of the overall brain activity, the rest – happens below the radar.

In your overall unconscious mind there are:

(A) parts that are your genuine “records” of thoughts and activities that you took in this lifetime or observed others take – these habitual thoughts are your survival library of how-to behaviours”.

If your history is full of sad memories and sad feelings, summoning happy ones would be a very challenging thing to do!


(B) there is also the Super-conscious and Supercreative parts of your subconsious that pull in the “never-before-consciously-experienced thoughts-feelings-events” – also known as – I M A G I N A T I O N!

Quantum Physics research shows us that our focusing on something we WANT CREATES new reality, or rather – it actually summons it from  the ‘Universal Field of Infinite Potential’ as I like to call it.

This is HOW it is possible to IMAGINE and then PULL into your life true Happiness, even if you have had a life of abuse, misfortune or general misery…

The change is Always Possible!


 Here are the 9 steps I take (and teach my clients) to create the life I want:

1. Imagine what you wish to have (or pretend you can imagine:) – this summons your experience in your mind;

2. Focus upon it as though you jumped into the future and it’s done: imagine the picture of what you want, say the words that describe what you want in Present Tense, say ” I am a perfect blueprnt of health.” as opposed to ‘I want to be healthy.’.

3. Constancy & Persistence: do this for as long and as often as you can, and keep reminding yourself that ‘It’s done.’ – you are this new image, have this thing, feel this way, etc. IT IS DONE! If you do this once a day and then go back to the usual “doom and gloom scenario” thoughts, you are keeping the wrong doors open, so keep reopening the ones you want.

4. Celebrate: notice even the minutest positive results and celebrate the heavens out of them! ;) If you have had a negative-prone thought patterns, then the mind was trained to IGNORE the Positive, by dismissing or minimising them. To counteract it – CELEBRATE even the tiniest good!

5. Acknowledging and uplifting old patterns with kindness.
your usual habitual thoughts of ‘It won’t work!’, ‘See you spent 20 minutes and nothing happened yet!’ You are still fat/unhappy/miserable/want to cry/have the symptoms of …’
Acknowledge this with: ‘Thank you, Mind.’ – yes, thank it – because it is running the habitual “survival song of warning and predictions based on your past records”. It’s looking out for you – in a convoluted and unhelpful way but its intentions are good, you know?;) So, as you are choosing to be in a “kind, creative and loving space” – do not fight this with anger or resentment – otherwise – woops, you now engaged your mind in being negative by fighting itself! So – thank it and acknowledge your mind for watching out for you through records of negativity, however keep focusing on where you’d like to be and be kind to all parts of your mind – stay loving and don’t force but invite it to shift towards positive feelings and thoughts by being kind to all of you!

6. Focused Reprogramming major beliefs and perceptions stored in your subconscious mind: so there is less and less of the doom and gloom subconsious beliefs for your conscious mind to open doors to!

PSYCH-K  is my preferred method plus AFFIRMATIONS of what you want as frequently as you can remember through the day. I find the “The Game of Life and How to Play It” book very helpful. Although my chosen method is PSYCH-K, you can try EFT (Tapping), NLP  – you have to find the method(s) that works for you best! :)

7. Focusing on positive emotions: it is important to not just have the picture of what you want in your mind and the words that describe it, but start practicing “positive feelings” as frequently as possible – to read how to do this, click on this article here.

8. Listening/reading iinformation on examples of how to train your mind and other people achieving it.


*Final and Pivotal Tip on how to CREATE CHANGE – no matter what:

Just remember – when you plant a seed for a new tree, you won’t see the fully grown tree the next morning, but on the day you notice the seed swelling under the soil, you know SOMETHING IS CHANGING, no matter how small – celebrate! When you notice the first shoot – celebrate and keep watering and seeing it as the big fully grown plant you desire, don’t give up on your new sapling! Give it constant attention and there is NO WAY that you won’t see any changes at all – they just happen at different rates and you may have growth spurs and sometimes days or weeks of “no visible signs of growth”… The truth is that if you keep making your mind go to the same place over and over – even when it “revolts against you and tells you all the reasons you won’t succeed” – remember the points above, thank it from the heart and move on!