Ascension… I Have Resisted for as Long as I Could!

As I was describing (half-channelling) one of my upcoming workshops, I wrote “this is in preparation for the Ascension Gateway in 2022’…

Say What?…

Ascension …Gateway?!?

I have resisted using “Ascension” for as long as I could…Honestly, I have!

My personality has a thing about ‘being unique and doing it her way (including using her own words)’ :D, so it gets a bit resistant to cultural labels and definitions, including the ones in ‘spiritual circles’!However, after channelling a few times about Light Codes for expansion, joy, self-realisation, empowerment, love – I felt the strong guidance and impulse to name all of this from my Higher self through the best English I have… The closest word I could find was …ascension! :D

So, yes, it was surprising that (from my personality’s perspective) – I Could be the channel and facilitate such a Grand thing as ‘Ascension’! :)I’m getting used to it…. :)

Regardless of what word you may wish to use for spiritual growth and evolution – if feeling more ease and grace while the World is changing internally and externally is something you are interested in – tonight is your chance to get some assistance from Light ‘Ascended’ Intelligence and The Source with this process of rapid evolution that is unfolding on our planet now.

Prepare your body-energy system for deeper and faster Spiritual Awakening a.k.a. Ascension in 2022!
FREE EVENT – on Zoom Saturday 15th January at 8 pm (GMT)
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Yey! :)

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