YOU are Your Power! : )

Your power is YOU –

your literal energy, aliveness, consciousness, presence and being.

Whenever I get taken up by believing that my being will feel better when I am more loved by others –

I start to feel inadequate, guilty and anxious to FIT my being into their expectations, desires and their definitions of me.

This instantly makes me feel off-centre, dis-empowered and dis-connected from the true source of my power – my unique presence and being.

It always helps to notice how bad that feels, so I know straight away that I’m attempting to plug into somebody else’s power and not my own…

So, I tune into me, truly notice my breathing and feelings, and breathe deeper through and beyond this discomfort –

out and beyond this sensation, beyond my body, beyond the room I’m in, beyond our planet and into the Infinite Consciousness of my being…

and return to Feeling Good again! 🙂

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