Antidote for Feeling the Pressure to “Take Sides” in order to Belong…

In the last 3 years I have seen more families, friends and communities turn away from each other because they chose opposing points of view.

I also see a new way that’s emerging for all of us, where we can remain true to who we are and still be connected with people who don’t share our opinions.

How can we do this?

What helps is acknowledging that a conscious life runs through ALL of us, which then allows us to remember we are connected with others in both our Humanness and our Spirit.

The deeper we accept our trascendent Inner Self, the more we can accept our ‘human limitations’.

Accepting all of the above, we can then feel a connection with ALL Humans. We are all having a shared baseline experience of being conscious beings in a human form wether some ‘believe it’ or not.

When we know, feel and experience our Inner Self, we have an unshakable Inner Belonging, Inner Safety – which nobody can threaten. We are then in constant flow of life that runs through us and all, where we feel at home with our own diversity & points of view – without the loss of belonging or fear of rejection.

On Friday 25th November, I will be holding a workshop in Co. Wicklow, Ireland, focused on fully Accepting Our Higher Nature in an embodied and practical way, so we can truly know we are Okay in our diversity, in our unique points of view – without the loss of belonging or fear of rejection.

For more information + to Join – Click HERE.