2e6f036For as long as I remember, I wanted to help people feel happier and free them from emotional and physical pain. So I studied first Psychology in Trinity College Dublin, then Systematic Kinesiology and Nutrition, Meditation, Healing modalities, Sound Therapy and PSYCH-K®.
My non-religious and scientific background with parents being a medical doctor and a scientist allowed me to stay grounded and practical while still having an open mind to explore who we are at the deepest levels of our consciousness – spiritually and metaphysically.
Along the road to helping others through various modalities to restore physical and emotional health, I discovered that being aware of and expressing your own sense of self is the most empowering and enlivening way of living and healing the body and mind!
And so, what I call Conscious Wholeness was born: a process of facilitating a multi-level, highly responsive and fluid system of restoring wholeness in health & personal happiness. I could call myself a kinesiologist, a healer, a nutritionist, a coach and a psychologist –  however, essentially, I am here to be a conduit for whatever facilitation you require for the most successful outcome. It is one of my biggest joys to see people being truly balanced, happy, powerful, on purpose and well!

How I can help You:

physically eczema, psoriasis, digestive problems, weight, aches, headaches, food allergies, insomnia, auto-immune, low energy, optimal nutrition testing & coaching for adults and kids, unusual hard-to-diagnose symptoms.

emotionally –  feel naturally positive (brain-body balance), confidence, heal anxiety, panic, addictions, fear, depression, anger, resentment, heal relationships, childhood traumas, happy parenting, find Love. 

mentally learn to relieve stress fast, confidence, focus, decision-making, banish uncontrollable thoughts, find purpose in life, change unwanted behaviours, learn to meditate, conquer fear of taking risks/failure/mistakes/the unknown/poverty.

spirituallyheal many wounds by reconnecting to your True Sense of Self (feel it physically in the body, not just in the head); feel brave & safe in the world; tap into your gifts; make decisions based on 100% truth inside; self-heal; learn to clear blocks to success; create what you most desire; how to protect your kids; learn to be intuitive; heal the codes of your ancestry; activate You as the true Source of your life.

In addition to 1-on-1 sessions, I teach classes on Nutrition & Living Foods, Personal Development and Meditation, Enlightened Eating & Spirituality. I have appeared on the Irish TV3’s’ ‘How Healthy Are You?, and on TV3 Saturday AM Show, and I have written for the Green Living NZ magazine, Organic NZ Magazine and right now I am in the process of writing my book ‘Empowered Living’.


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