Conscious Wholeness

Whether you are in the middle of a difficult relationship, suffer with low self-esteem, feel affected by your Past, wish to clear reasons behind physical dis-ease or simply wish for more clarity in Life – this process allows you to see, sense and integrate/let go of whatever is needed to start evolving past your current challenges.
Whatever challenge you may be facing, Conscious Wholeness is about highlighting and returning to wholeness (healing) pieces of yourself that are out of alignment with your Highest and Happiest path in life, and therefore out of synch with your true authentic self (your soul).
Various add-on tools are used during the session, depending on your individual needs: Kinesiology, Energetic Psychology, Nutritional testing, Healing, Spiritual Coaching, Meditation, Sound Therapy, Essential Oils, EFT and Body work. “Tools for life” are given to you to empower you beyond the sessions.
Every session is different and is as unique as you are.The primary goal is to restore wholeness in all aspects of yourself, but also to teach you how to support, love, trust, care for and express your whole self in life.



There is no Health without Wholeness, the state of Wholeness is Health. If anything inside your whole self is out of ‘synch’, then there is no true harmony or coherence within yourself. There is a communication break-down, which means less cooperation towards health as some parts cannot communicate with the whole system properly. Discovering these parts and learning why one struggles to understand the other, naturally brings wisdom, unity and health. This process is natural in life and is part of our natural evolution, and it can go faster if we become aware of what it is that is seeking wholeness within.
By being more conscious, you learn to recognise what’s happening within you faster, maintain your balance in life’s ups and downs, and have less dramatic emotions, struggle or physical dis-ease. This brings natural harmony and wholeness to you and the life you are living.
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