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Receive WEEKLY Light codes Healing, coaching & energy tools to help you raise your consciousness, feel more Joyful, Confident, Aware so you take the steps that create your Best self-expressed life with more ease.
Every Thursday at 8 pm GMT
plus one Sunday a month.



RESTORE to REJOYCE – Deep Recharging Healing online & in Naas

Deep Recharging & Restorative Healing: for your cells, DNA, Nervous system, energetic & electromagnetic systems in order to re-energise & reset to top up positive energy and welcome joy, comfort and pleasure of living – as the juice that fuels us on this planet

Saturday 28th of May 10:30 am (Dublin/London time)
BOTH: online + at the Salt Cave, Naas, Ireland


NO MORE I-owe-yous
Self-Study Healing Recording

Step into a new reality of debt-free conscousness where you get to live from NOW, rather than binding contracts from your past.

Great for unlocking abundance in money, creativity, freedom and possibilities.


BECOME THE LIGHT in Your Life – Power Activations for 2022
Awaken Your multidimensional potential and Light DNA, so it is easier to expand your energy and consciousness in 2022.


Worthy of MIRACLES Lights Codes Healing:
Become energetically one with what you desire, and you will experience it all the time.
Clear subconscious emotions, beliefs and energy patterns around your worthiness baseline, so you can naturally expect and receive more joy, peace and miracles in your life.

Friday. 29th April at 7:45 pm – 9:15 pm
Donard, Co. Wicklow.