Happy to be Me! Individual Deep Healing, En-livening & Spiritual Growth Program

Happy to be Me! is created exclusively for you around your particular Life Lessons, Challenges and Gifts, this is a Journey of conscious Growth and Transformation – so you move from outdated patterns, emotions, mindset and way of living into the life that reflects you – the one you Love to Be! tuning into your Unique Spirit, Personality, Mindset, Overall Energy Alignmten, Human/Spirit Journey, Stage of Engagement, conscious-superconcious Goals and Aspirations.

The teachings, sessions, training and healing are focused on allowing you to let go of whatever is blocking you from becoming Secure, Confident, Peaceful, Joyful within, Energised and Inspired – these blocks can be: insecurity around other people, self-doubt, indecision, overthinking, fear of speaking up or being seen, etc.

We work with your Mindset, Your energy Alignment, Your abilities, your body, your rhythms and habits, your Emotional Intelligence and Mastery.

The structure and price of this is “given to Kamilla” by the Light and her plus your Guidance systems. The structure varies based on your goals and the price reflects exchange, investment, love, integrity, lessons and value.
The Program is then dictated to Kamilla by your own Spirit (soul), The Light Guidance and the Source Light through the stages of:

Letting Go
Unique Gifts

Your personal (Spirit in the Human World) Power is the focus of each session – allowing you to deeply understand who you are, what you can do to feel better each day, to feel more love and self-acceptance, empowerment, peace and confidence in who you are in the world.

This is just some of what people can get when doing this Program (or Journey):
– Understand and Gain Peace about your introduction into this world, so that you can let go of Guilt, shame and blame and start feeling valuable, worthy and lovable;
– Learn to let go of traumatic emotions, negative events, so you can live freely as you would love to and not being a prisoner to your past.
– Learn to alter and change negative/limiting mindset into empowered one;
– Gain insight into what motivates you, so that you can make clearer decisions and trust you more;
– Understand the Stages of consciousness and where you tend to get stuck, so that you can approach life’s chalenges with Calm, Peace and confidence.
– Learn to Navigate Your Emotions – so that you no longer feel like a victim of other people, circumstance or your own emotionality.
– Learn techniques to feel connected, rooted and valued regardless of what others think or say to you or about you.
– Receive help in developing your unique gifts and talents, so you believe in yourself and feel confident about your future.
Harvest your human tenacity, and other lessons you have learnt here and inherited – so you deepen self-respect as human as well as spirit.
– Learn tools, techniques, meditations to help you improve your life in many ways – in a practical way you can apply immediately.
– Plus much more!

Kamilla will connect and work directly with your Higher Self, The Source and the Light “Counsil” to help guide you through your unique lessons, help you heal and learn at the particular stage of your life journey, human and spirit
awareness evolution, so you can best embody and live Your Truth, your Individuality as a Ray of Consciousness and your human form here. and start feeling more confident, at ease, energised, able and excited about your Life!

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