Systematic Kinesiology checks the response from a person’s body through muscle-testing to find the reasons why it is unwell and also the precise steps towards resolving it.

This can be done through nutrition, energetically, physically – musculoskeletal balancing, and through emotional-mental techniques.
Instead of treating symptoms, kinesiology addresses the ROOT CAUSE of your being out of balance, treating a person truly holistically: nutritionally, mentally, emotionally, physically and energetically.
As everything is energy and we are conscious beings controlling energy, I find that energetic, emotional and mental imbalanbces are always core reasons behind any symptoms. However, as we are also physical beings – nutrition, appropriate self-care, micro-biology and physical balancing are all imporant tools for feeling optimally well, happy and in harmony!

This wonderful therapy allows for very precise communication with the person’s body intelligence – so we can know the best available natural remedies the body needs or the best foods to add or take away from the person’s diet to aid their optimal wellbeing.

Holistic Food Sensitivity Test using Kinesiology (an example for muscle-testing):