Kinesiology & Food Testing

Kinesiology checks the response from your body to find the reasons why it is unwell and also the precise steps towards resolving it.
Instead of treating symptoms, kinesiology addresses the ROOT CAUSE of your being out of balance, treating a person truly holistically: nutritionally, mentally, emotionally, physically and energetically.
Kinesiology can help with an array of health issues:
* Digestive upsets, IBS, Candidiasis.
* Low Energy.
* Sleeping Problems.
* Hormonal problems: Endometriosis, PMS, Menopause.
* Low Immunity & Infections (bacteria, viruses, parasites).
* Emotional Distress, Anxiety, Traumas, Phobias and Sadness.
* Back pain, neck pain, old and new injuries, joint pains, fibromialgia.
* Heavy Metals and other types of Toxicity.
* Something is wrong – and nobody seems to figure out what.
* Lack of interest or drive in life, not sure of your own life’s purpose.

 Holistic Food Sensitivity Test using Kinesiology:

The most challenging part of finding out what you are sensitive to is adhering to the new diet –
a good test should support you in this change.

A good ‘Food Test’ should contain not only foods you react to, but the nutrients you need to increase in the diet, plus a good guidance to help you make the changes. This is why the Holisitc Kinesiology Food Test includes a consultation, a custom-made report, easy recipes, pathogen test, new food tips and e-mail support for 3 months after the test.

This Test system Includes:

        • Test for all the Foods you eat or may come in contact with.

        • How soon you can reintroduce different foods.

        • Don’t cut it all out: some foods simply need to be reduced to avoid sensitivity.

        • Nutrient deficiencies: vitamins, minerals and actual foods you are missing in your diet which will help you heal or boost health.

        • Test for bacteria/viruses/fungi + remedies to eradicate them**.

        • A Personal Report with step-by-step guidelines.

        • Tasty alternatives.

        • Recipes.

        • Brands of foods, shops and places to eat out.

        • 10% discount off one nutritional workshop.

        • FREE email support for 3 months

This test does not rely on you having eaten a particular food in the last while. If your body has issues with a food – the test will show this.

* You are checked for major bacterial, fungal and viral infections during the test – as the overgrowth of these often causes digestive problems and sensitivities. Natural ‘drug-free’ remedies are then tested and a protocol is given to eliminate the discovered pathogen (if there are any).

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Detailed Explanation of Systematic Kinesiology

In Kinesiology sessions, the muscle response is measured to notice any change when we bring in any of the ‘stressing factors’ into your system: i.e. you may think of a particular stress, or we may bring in foods to check your body’s reaction to them, etc. Your brain monitors everything that goes on in and around your body and all the variables that affect it: temperature, pollutants in the air, allergens, sounds, etc. When your brain is coherent – the electromagnetic activity in the brain is coherent too, and your muscles remain in their optimal state and can easily resist small pressure during testing;  if your brain is incoherent with something in the internal or external environment, the muscles being controlled by the brain also react – i.e. I am sure you felt your muscles getting tense when you are stressed or weaker when you are ill.


How do different problems get resolved during the Kinesiology Session?

Kinesiology takes into account the process of homeostasis: this is a scientific name for the process of keeping the body in constant balanced health. I,e. if you cut your finger – the cut heals, or if you work too hard you get sleepy – your body asks for more sleep to restore the balanced, rested state! So we test to see what processes your body is trying to complete to achieve homeostasis (or balanced health), we then help your body complete these processes, thus restoring the balanced state and allowing your body to naturally heal what went out of balance.
As everybody is very different, each one has its own history, each body heals and deals with issues it faces completely differently.
For instance: you may come in with complaints of poor digestion, some stress and weight issues.
The causes behind these complaints can be as varied as one person is different from another, your body will reveal the best steps to get to the root causes & eliminate them. It may go something like this:
– you may not be digesting and assimilating nutrients from food, so we will balance your digestive system and/or test for specific nutrients which will re-nourish you.
– you may have a big stress or worry in your life. We will test to see which emotions or beliefs are stopping you from acquiring a more useful mind-set to help the challenges you face in life.
– you may be eating foods you are sensitive to.
– you may use coping mechanisms (overeating) to deal with an unresolved issue: we will test to discover the hidden issue, & the most appropriate way to gently let it go.
– you may have had a traumatic event which affects your physical body, nervous system and mind. We will test for remedies or techniques you require to let go off the trauma.
– you may have had a physical trauma (you fell, were in an accident, etc) – we would test and use the appropriate body adjustment techniques and trauma-release techniques.
There are many more ways in which your body may choose to get well, the natural mechanisms for restoring balance in the body are already there. A kinesiologist will help your body to regain a deeper balance in the areas which you struggle with, hence many issues and problems start to heal and you can experience an increased state of wellbeing – physically, emotionally, mentally and energetically. :)