‘Reconnecting with Your Real Self’ – Remember Your Power & Live It


Remember and Become Your Sacred Power in the World

November 25th 7:30pm – 9:15pm  The Healing Roundhouse, Donard, Co. Wicklow, Ireland.

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In these times of Divisiveness that challenge belonging, love and safety by a global “choose your side” theme, it can be incredibly hard to maintain harmony, love and honour yourself.

When we know, feel and consciously experience our Inner Self, we have an unshakable Inner Belonging, Inner Safety – which nobody can threaten. We are then aware of the constant flow of life that runs through us and all, where we feel at home with our own diversity & points of view – without the loss of belonging or fear of rejection.
I will be using Chanelled Sacred Song, Energy Healing and Light Recalibration to help realign your consciousness that is out of harmony with the Innate Powerful You.

1. Realign with your unique inner Sacred Centre of Support and Belonging, so you feel stronger, more decisive and trusting in yourself and your life.

2. Clear beliefs that tell you you need to be something you are not, and the emotions of pain associated with rejection.

3. Through a channelled ‘Journey Healing’, remember and re-cognise why you are here, so you can use align stronger with your Inner Purpose, feel innately worthy and know you are needed here and belong with humanity no matter what you are here to do.

What you receive when you sign up:

  • 105-minute healing workshop;
  • All recordings are LIVING, meaning they are giving and healing equally powerfully when being recorded and when heard any time again.

*** Kamilla uses Sacred Sounding, Energy Codes and Sacred Word Activations. She blends channelled tools and energies in a unique way of delivering sacred insights, healing and initiations, designed to actively awaken awareness of being more than a human mind and body and recognise yourself as a Greater Self (or Soul). Her mission is to facilitate the expansion of consciousness, reconnect people with their Higher Goals on Earth, and to help release stuck energies such as trauma or negative emotional attachments.

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