Sacred Soul Ascension Support – weekly Energy Coaching, Channelling & Healing


Accelerate your spiritual awakening with weekly energy updates, inspiration, healing activations and channelled guidance to help you live in higher vibrations, on purpose, connected with your Soul Self

Happy New Year! :)
January TWO-WEEK SPECIAL Membership at just 10!

€30 monthly fee – a commitment to your spiritual growth
(this is a cost of two good cups of coffee a week)

You can join for a few months or a year – the more you commit to your spiritual growth, the more you receive.

What Sacred Soul Support offers:

  • 4 or 5 monthly Healing Sessions with Replays (around 30-45 minutes);
  • plus 4 or 5 monthly Integration Sessions with Replays (30-60 minutes – optional, the duration that suits you);
  • 15-20% Off All Other Events and Workshops;
  • group-only daily vibrational meditations, self-healing techniques & practices;
  • Telegram (WhatsApp) Group: Optional 24/7 live sharing, connection, a place to be witnessed in your progress, ask questions and weekly support from Kamilla*
  • Belong to a Heartful & Conscious Group of people who share resonanse with your journey and collectively create the new reality.


FREE EVENT as part of the Sacred Soul Ascension
Awaken and Live as your Soul Self – Saturday 15th January at 8 pm

12-Months Sacred Soul Support Ascension Programme “Your Year to Shine and Thrive 2022” – starts Sunday the 16th January at 8 pm:

  1. Light: Resonate as more Positive, Happy and Powerful You.
  2. Self-Love: Abundance, Success & Fulfilment. Self-Energy Attunements.
  3. Shadow: Healing low vibes, trauma and blocks.
  4. Intuition: Receiving Guidance from Your Higher Self and The Universe.
  5. Fun & Joy: a playful secret to Graceful Change & Creation.
  6. Manifestation: collaborating with your subconscious mind, heart mapping, future self.
  7. Worth: Receiving abundance, health, fun, power.
  8. Home: Powerful Earth Codes to thrive as a human.
  9. Body: Sacred Practises to balance and harmonise. Healing.
  10. Infinity: Unlocking Your Sacred Potential. The path of miracles. Multidimensions. Time lines.
  11. Purpose: Your Unique Potential, Exciting Gifts and Abilities.
  12. Spirit: Expansion. Divine Embodiment. Miracles, Beauty & Love.

Each Module consists of 4 or 5 weekly themes – each will energetically offer a new step to a deeper alignment with your Highest Potential and Power to live on Purpose, remember why you are here and create a fulfilling life.

You can join the programme at any time – each module is stand-alone, however, there is a cumulative benefit to consistently and esponentially growing through each steps.

At this crucial time of Big Changes we need deeper spiritual re-connection, as well as our humankind connection – to become a spiritual-human family, where we can feel safe and grow in our trust, authenticity, power, courage, love and connection.

The sessions happen on the following days (there are replays if you can’t make them live):

Thursdays – Healing Activations and Guidance 8 pm (GMT);
Sundays – Healing Integration and optional sharing 8 pm (GMT).


Fill out the form below, then PAY for the memberhsip – either as a one-off payment for 2 – 4 weeks, or else a recurring payment.

If you are signing up within 30 minutes of the start of the session, please also text/WhatsApp me on 00353 87286125

Please Click Below to Pay for the Sacred Soul Support membership on a monthly basis – you can stop membership any time:




Try Sacred Soul Support for one month €30

Enjoy 8 sessions over one month to support & uplift you: 4 Healing Activations to help guide you in these challenging times. Plus 4 Integration Sessions – to help you understand and integrate the lessons and challenges of each week. Thursdays and Sundays. Session Replays available. Receive 15% off all other workshops and events.



Pay for 12 months of Sacred Soul Support (receive 1 month free) 30 x 12 = €360-30 = €330

Give Yourself the gift of a Fully Conscious Year of Growth and Power – 12 months of growth, channelled messaging and key energy activations for each week of 2022. Receive 20% off all other workshops and events.



Pay for 6 months of Sacred Soul Support €173

The more you say YES! to something, the more you receive what you need. Enjoy 6-months of support, timely energy practices and channelled guidance for your highest joy and harmony in life! Receive 20% off all other workshops and events.



Sacred Soul Support 2-week Introductory rate of just €10 (Available to purchase until 17th January 2022)

Enjoy 4 sessions over two weeks to support you: 2 Healing Activations to help guide you in these challenging times. Plus 2 Integration Sessions – to help you understand and integrate the growth lessons of each week. Thursdays and Sundays. Session Replays available. One-off Payment. Please purchase a monthly membersihp after if you would like to extend it.




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