Sound Therapy: deep relaxation and multi-level healing


Everything in the Universe is a frequency or a sound – including you. Each of your organs and tissues have different ‘health range’ frequencies.
When something goes ‘out of tune’, you will feel the effects of it physically, emotionally and mentally.
In my work I use precisely calibrated frequencies to tune your body back to its natural healthy rhythm.
Healing Toning is healing voice techniques to connect, balance and heal traumas, re-align chakras and harmonise the whole energy system.
SomaEnergetics™ Therapy uses tuning forks that are precisely tuned to sacred proportions & Solfeggio Frequencies.



Sound Healing is beneficial for everybody: from stressed and anxious students, busy managers & office workers, pregnant mommies, restless toddlers and the elderly:
Experience deep relaxation in seconds, reduce stress, energise, improve blood and lymph flow, repair injuries, enhance immunity, integrate body & mind and experience higher levels of consciousness.
SomaEnergetics Sound Therapy has been found to have the following benefits (for all ages including babies):
  • Provides instantaneous deep relaxation and relieves long-term stress.
  • Increases physical energy levels.
  • Promotes healing on a cellular level.
  • Charges Immunity, helps repair all organs.
  • Brings your nervous system into balance.
  • Improves Brain function, Left-Right brain integration.
  • Great for aches, pains, post-operation and sprains.
  • Relieves emotional, mental, physical traumas.
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