Back, knee or neck pain: Is it you or is it your shoes? Plus the Joy of Natural Running!

Easy ways to correct posture for back, knee, neck pain AND how to enjoy Fun jogging exercise!

Watch this video whether you jog or not – this helps correct postural problems, so if you suffer from back ache, headaches, knee or feet pain – you will find this useful! If you do jog – this really makes the jogging fun and EASY – as it should be! Jogging shouldn’t have as much strain on the body as we sometimes make it by running incorrectly! I also do not advocate buying particular footwear! Simply correcting how you stand and watching how you hold yourself with the exercises given in the video will have a wonderful effect on how you jog! :)

Learn to run correctly, so that your knees, hips, neck and all your ligaments are not under pressure when jogging! This way of running also prevents all the injuries that people encounter after long runs. The way the contemporary runners are made is not ideal for running as it forces us to distribute our weight unnaturally, which means our body uses the “wrong muscles” for this activity – which leads to overuse of certain muscles, ligaments, bad posture and – eventually through repetitive strain – damage or injuries.

I am not advocating to buy particular footwear – however, applying postural principles whilst jogging or standing/walking – may have very beneficial effects for your overall wellbeing. What this video teaches may have a very helpful effect on correcting postural problems, which, overtime, can lead to hips/knee/neck/back pain and potentially lead to headaches, tiredness and inflammation in various parts of the body. So, watch and enjoy! :)


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