Kamilla is a the most fascinating and profound healer I have ever encountered.  Her all inspiring intuition to tune into my deepest fears that were downloaded so many years ago as a child.
I am in my early sixties and also practice healing. I have done enormous work on myself over many years but there are still some underlying issues that keep me stuck in a lower vibration. I have had about 4 sessions with Kamilla over the last year and I have to say I feel such an enormous shift in consciousness after each session.She is so tuned in spirituality it’s truly miraculous . Her beautiful kind spirit and her unquestionable ability in helping me to recognise and shift layers of subconscious patterns from childhood are simply incredible.
I will continue my life’s journey with confidence, inner peace and love, if at any given time I feel there is yet another level or layer that needs shifting, Kamilla will undoubtedly be my first choice as a therapist .Hand on heart I thank you so very much Kamilla as you are so inspirational and such an incredibly wonderful healer and a lady.
Love and the brightest light
Catherine Cooper, Ireland
I came across Kamilla because I was looking for a Psych K practitioner. Little did I know in how many ways she was going to help me.
Not being new to therapy and coaching, I tried different kind of therapies to deal with my emotional and psychosomatic issues that I had for so many years. I needed emotional healing and I was experiencing physical pain. At every session I felt relief and not only that, I gained so much knowledge about myself. The healing was incredibly fast.
Her approach is so unique, I am deeply grateful for all the tools for self-soothing and self-regulation I got at the beginning they really changed my life.
The wonderful bonus I never expected was the spiritual discoveries and growth I have got. In a space of a year my life changed exponentially.
DLF, Dublin, Ireland


When I first went to see Kamilla, I was struggling to find happiness in my life. I felt sad, anxious, frustrated and physically worn out, like the weight of the world was on my shoulders. I didn’t understand why life felt like this for me, and I wanted to get some joy and vitality back. Through our sessions, Kamilla has helped me to heal past traumas and let go of emotional baggage and limiting beliefs that were no longer serving me, and she has guided me to rediscover and reconnect with a part of myself that I lost touch with a long time ago. I have a different outlook on life now, and I feel so much more joy, peace, gratitude and self-confidence as a result of the work we are doing together.
Kamilla is truly an amazingly gifted practitioner and healer, so warm, kind, supportive and intuitive. I thoroughly enjoy our sessions, they have changed my life in the most subtle and yet most profound way! I am so grateful and feel so blessed for having met her.
Sandra, Dublin, Ireland


Kamilla is a really fantastic therapist and amazing person who while working with clients gives them the time and scared space they need to create change for themselves with her help.
Overall having experienced 3 sessions of PSYCH-K, I would highly recommend Kamilla to everybody who has tried traditional therapies which have being unsuccessful or to anybody interested in experiencing the power of PSYCH-K for themselves.
Thank you, Kamilla for all your help and insight.
Seamus Walsh, Kildare, Ireland


A session with Kamilla is a session with yourself, supported by a person who can help you through whatever journey you are on. I first did a discovery session with positive results from the very first interaction, so I gave myself the opportunity to try a follow-up session and it is one of the greatest decisions I have ever made.
Kamilla transmits a sincere sense of respect, compassion and professionalism in her sessions that I found fits my style… I am very grateful for the holistic approach that Kamilla brought to my therapy and I sincerely recommend her. From the bottom of my heart, thank you Kamilla!!
Larissa Pujol, Ireland
Kamilla has a wonderful mix of warmth and professionalism. Her capacity to extract what my needs are in each session is delightful and a beautiful gift. Since we began my mind has become a much calmer place. I am more aware of my energy which has improved greatly and in turn this empowers me. Working with Kamilla on breaking down my self limiting beliefs gives me a growing sense of inner strength.
I really enjoy working with Kamilla and highly recommend her to work with.


I was feeling quite off due to anxiety and panic attacks. Kamilla made me feel incredibly comfortable and safe and during the session and after the session I felt amazing – both inside and out. I would definitely recommend trying a session with Kamilla – your body and mind will thank you!
Amanda Bishop, Auckland, New Zealand.
I was feeling depressed and knew I had no logical reason for it. I also was fixated with my weight gain and wanted some ”answers” and a quick fix to help with this. A friend of mine recommended I see Kamilla after she had some great results with self esteem issues and a sore neck.
My treatment went down a whole different path to what I had expected and I have found an inner happiness and I suppose I’ve “found myself”. I relate to the world in a much more meaningful way. Along the way I have faced my addictions and fears and also had some muscular pain relief. After every session I feel completely relieved and happy to embrace the world! Thanks Kamilla, you are a special lady!
MC Auckland, New Zealand

Eczema, Baby (Kinesiology and Food Testing)

Kamilla was absolutely amazing!
My daughter had really bad eczema and when I avoided certain foods and went on a detox her skin improved within a month! The detox was hard but well worth it for Annie who was beginning to scratch all over.
Still a little bit more to go on detox, which isn’t so bad, there is light at the end of the tunnel!
Kamilla always replied back quickly to my millions of questions! Big thank you for all your help and advice!
Karen Jones, Auckland, New Zealand

Immunity (Kinesiology)

It is now two years on and upon taking Kamilla’s advice and using natural remedies and supplements that she recommended my immune system is at its strongest, I have not been sick or had flu’s or colds in two years since I have visited her.
For anyone with any problem or issue please put your trust in this lady, please pay her a visit you won’t look back!
Thanks again for all your help and support Kamilla. Read more…
Laura G, Dublin, Ireland.

Overwhelm, Hurt (Conscious Wholeness)

As a healer, I found your treatment tremendously helpful.  You were so kind and a great listener. On the day I was quite upset and you, through your healing, made such a difference.  I recognized what needed to be done and things really began to make sense.  I believe you are very gifted in your field, Kamilla.
Terri Corrigan, Dublin, Ireland


Acne & Digestion (Kinesiology and Food Testing)

My skin was breaking out terribly with acne and despite all the treatments I was provided with by my doctor, nothing was working. After my appointment with Kamilla, my eyes were opened to the fact that my skin was breaking out due to various food intolerance’s… Almost a year later and my skin is still in great condition! I am so grateful to Kamilla for her expertise and helping me realise that natural remedies are a better choice when trying to overcome aliments of any kind. Click to Read More
Denise Dalton, Moyglare, Co Maynooth, Ireland

Clarity, Life Mastery (Conscious Wholeness, Life Skills Mentorship)

Kamilla is an amazingly powerful healer – she is inspirational. Her healing and caring have no limits – Kamilla’s intuition for spiritual, physical and emotional healing is incredible. She is also the most caring person I have ever met. It has been my honour to have such an amazing radiant pure loving caring healer. Read more…
Fiona Barry, Dublin, Ireland.

Skin Itching, Candida & Digestion (Kinesiology and Food Testing)

I had suffered for years with my problems and within a few weeks I noticed a huge relief in my pains. Now I pretty much stick to the healthier diet prescribed and I’ve never looked back. I would highly recommend Kamilla!  Read More…
David Rogers, Dublin, Ireland

Clarity, Guidance, Joyful Living (Sound Healing and Conscious Wholeness)

I can look back at the sessions I had with Kamilla now and notice a huge positive difference in my life and my well-being. I am grateful to her for how much she helped me and for the dedication she has made to the healing arts. I am happy to recommend her highly to others.  Read More…
Shane Pearson, Mullingar, Ireland

Life Clarity, Emotional Well-being, Digestive Health, Candida

Kamilla is incredibly thorough, always taking the time to examine the underlying causes – be they physical, dietary or emotional. She is so caring and knowledgeable. I feel safe and supported in her healing hands always. I’d recommend her to anyone having difficulties emotionally, physically or spiritually. Utilising all her knowledge in kinesiology, nutrition and energy healing, you couldn’t find a more holistic approach.  Read more…
L. M. Artane, Dublin, Ireland

Stress, Low Energy (Conscious Wholeness, Kinesiology)

After a few sessions with Kamilla I had noticeably more energy and was less stressed. Kamilla is a great listener and really takes the time to address the underlying causes, whether it be dietary, emotional etc. She gave me lifestyle and dietary advice and info which I found really helpful.
Catherine, Maynooth, Ireland


Baby Eczema (Food Intolerance & Kinesiology)

I was very surprised that in just 5 days his skin started to heal without a cream – the first time ever in his life! He’s completely free from eczema now and his mood has improved.
I found Kamilla to be very helpful after the treatment too, she supported us over email and answered all my questions giving me the best advice for my son. I would recommend anyone to try this as this worked very well and I found the support excellent. Thank you.  Read more…
A. B., Swords, Ireland

Digestive Issues, Weight Loss, Low Energy (Kinesiology)

Having taken on board the results of the allergy test and advice from Kamilla, 4 weeks down the line I am more in tune with my body, have more energy and have also lost weight – an added bonus! I felt Kamilla to offer great support after the test with my diet and as regards to which foods to buy and where.  Read more…
Grainne L. Dublin, Ireland

3 thoughts on “Testimonials

  1. I went to Kamilla in search of healing my chronic anxiety and daily panic attacks which led to me being housebound and fearful of getting on public transportation. Which meant I could not travel to see her , she went out of her own way to come and see me which meant to much to me. I sit here today and have not had a panic attack in over a year now , my mind and body have healed , I am now travelling on planes regularly, the man who couldn’t get on a bus last year who was to know . I never thought I would travel again. I thank Kamilla for her amazing work and the process we went through and also her patience with me , I am forever grateful I have my life back , my life is better than I ever expected.

    Warm regards.


  2. Kamilla was absolutely amazing!
    My daughter had really bad excema and when I avoided certain foods and went on a detox her skin improved within a month! The detox was hard but well worth it for Annie who was beginning to scratch all over.
    Still a little bit more to go on detox, which isn’t so bad, there is light at the end of the tunnel!
    Kamilla always replied back quickly to my millions of questions! Big thank you for all your help and advice!

  3. After a few sessions with Kamilla I had noticably more energy and was less stressed. Kamilla is a great listener and really takes the time to address the underlying causes, whether it be dietary, emotional etc. She gave me lifestyle and dietary advice and info which I found really helpful.

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